FAQ / Disclaimer

A traditional postpartum doula provider is a non-medical assistant in prenatal care, during the postpartum period. All services provided are non-invasive. The main role is to offer traditional recognised healing rituals to the new mother to provide ultimate care, healing and support to her postpartum body.

Can I have Closing the bones ceremony/ Womb steam if I have had a cesarean?

Yes, but during your phone consultation, we will want to know if your wound has healed and it will be totally led by you. Traditionally in Morocco in such circumstances the new mother is advised to wait at least 6-9 weeks from her cesarean date.

Do you own Closing the bones?

Of course not, this is a practice learnt and studied in Africa and other parts of the world. A doula has no official body, but we do have an ethics statement and contracts that we ask all clients to adhere to. With all intentions to nurture and nourish the new mother.

What if I have other illnesses?

All medical illnesses are covered in the phone consultation and a recommendation will be made if this is not suitable for you, as we would want all clients to feel safe and secure with no suffering.

Can I learn Closing the bones from yourself?

Yes, this may be something in the future. Subscribe for emails to not miss important information.