I work with mothers to Recover and Reclaim their bodies after birth! My name is Arooj Shazad. A fellow mother and a qualified traditional Moroccan postpartum doula, currently also expanding my expertise into clinical herbalism.

Why I Work With Mothers?

In my first pregnancy as with many other mums, I had no idea about postpartum care and solely prepared for the birth, but soon enough the dark postpartum days truly hit me. Like many of you, the support and care to help heal and reclaim my body and health after birth wasn’t available, my body would ache and healthcare professionals would claim everything is normal. But here’s the thing, its not! My body still was not the same, I had diastasis recti, heavy periods, pain and contractions in my uterus area, my breasts were sore and heavy. How does anyone expect you to birth a newborn and go through all this when your body is depleted and healing?

What did I do to help Heal?

After some time, I looked into postpartum care and eventually travelled to Africa to learn age old postpartum healing traditions lost in our modern lifestyle. All I can say I was mind blown, I felt different, I felt healed, nurtured and nourished. After studying and qualifying I am now able to offer these exclusive services to you- to help you heal, provide you with nourishment and warmth as every new mother deserves. The closing the bones ceremony and womb steaming is a must, a must every new mother deserves to heal. I was dressed and celebrated as a new mother adorned with jewellery, I experienced a traditional bath (Hamam) with natural clays and natural herbs to cleanse me after i gave birth.

“The closing the bones ceremony and womb steaming is a must, a must every new mother deserves to heal”

Arooj Shazad

Why do you need this?

I feel honoured to help postpartum women heal and support their bodies. Postpartum care is a must, I truly see it as an investment in my body, a must to help recovery while your body tries to catch up with sleepless nights, breastfeeding or looking after the baby. The human body after birth is undergoing a huge transition, making milk for the newborn, uterus returning back into its shape, shedding of the uterus lining, healing of a split abdominal wall, the womb cleansing itself and so much more.

Postpartum care is what you need to help you avoid long term complications and even post natal depression, I was surprised when I asked traditional midwives in Morocco about postnatal depression, they said all the women they have helped birth have never suffered of this after, and thats when I knew, this is simply because of how effective there postpartum care packages are!

Is it too late for me?

The beauty about this, is in Morocco you are classed as a new mother for up to a year after birth so it isn’t too late! The reason for this is, your body is still healing, your womb is still cleansing and uterus is shifting into place again and that’s just science! Since my return, I have done several postpartum services to new mothers and been present during birth of many. I truly believe this is an investment for yourself, I love what I do as it changed my entire outlook on postpartum care and healing after birth.

Thus, if you are interested in traditional postpartum practices or a package – book and lets together look at investing and healing you holistically.

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